Tungsten, Mmolybdenum prices bottomed out

Author: Bless   Time: 2017/07/08

The fourth quarter of 2016, the domestic market price of molybdenum concentrate increase 11.2% over the previous quarter, compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 rose 42.9%. Over the same period, the domestic market tungsten concentrate (W65 black tungsten)  compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 rose 29%. Market recovery and supply shrinkage, downstream demand recovery has a greater relationship. Data show that with the domestic stainless steel and some special steel production growth, 2016 domestic molybdenum product demand year on year increase is estimated to reach about 21%.
Tungsten and molybdenum enterprises to improve business, profit rise
With the tungsten and molybdenum product prices and product agencies optimization  domestic tungsten and molybdenum market profits rebound. 2016 years Jan to Nov, tungsten molybdenum mining enterprises total profit is about one billion yuan, increase 27.7%; Over the same period,  tungsten and molybdenum smelting enterprises total profit is about 4.73 billion yuan,  increase 15.7%.
 Since 2016, China's tungsten and molybdenum industry's  main features are: industry investment fell narrowed; downstream industry pick up, domestic and international market demand for tungsten and molybdenum products rebound; tungsten molybdenum market bottomed out, business efficiency has improved.
2017 will be the important year of the "十三五" planning and promote the supply side of the structural reform. Fixed asset investment will continue to be one of the main driving force of economic growth.
 Therefore, the demand for tungsten and molybdenum products will continue to grow, tungsten and molybdenum market is expected to oscillation picked up.

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