Tungsten Rhenium Wire


What is tungsten rhenium wire?

Tungsten rhenium alloy wire doped with rhenium, which has much better ductility and stability than pure tungsten in high temperature. The melting point of the tungsten rhenium alloy wire is 3120~3360. The tungsten rhenium alloy wire can be used reach up to the peak 3000,it can be used for making the most heat resistant metal thermocouple. It has high EMF,high sensitivity.It cant be dissolve in any isolated acid.


1. Production of specific lighting filaments, thermo-sensitive elements for chromatograph 
2. For making heaters and grid wire for TV tube and image-pick up tube 
3. For military electronic devices



Rhenium significantly reduces the brittle characteristics of tungsten at room temperature. What is more, the addition of rhenium increases the recrystallization temperature, the ductility, and the ultimate tensile strength of these alloys and decreases the ductile-brittle transition temperatures of tungsten-rhenium alloys.


Regular Specs

1.Name: WRe3-WRe25; WRe5-WRe26
2.Calibration: WRe3-25(Type D); WRe5/26(Type C)
3.Grade       Specification(φmm)       Working Temperature Range          Tolerance
    Special              0.1                                           1400-1800                                    ≤±0.128%t
       1                0.1;0.25;0.5                                1200-1800                                   ≤±0.25%t
       2                0.1;0.25;0.5                                1200-1800                                  ≤±0.50%t
4.The positive pole is WRe3 ;WRe5. The negative pole is WRe25 ;WRe26.


tungsten rhenium wiretungsten rhenium alloy wire


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