Special Light Source Electrode
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
The special light source electrodes we produce and process have high melting point, low evaporation pressure, low thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and low electron overflow. Different from ordinary products, the light source electrodes we provide are deeply densified, with higher density and more uniform internal structure. 
Types of electrode materials supplied by Bless:
Cathode: WLX, WL10, WL15, WC20, WT20, WT10, WAKS
Anode: WP, WC20, WC40
Normal Parameters of Tungsten electrode for Light Source:
Electrode Density (g/cm3) Diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm) Length (mm) Tolerance(mm)


≥19.25 0.8-50mm ±0.01mm ≤500mm ±0.1mm
Anode ≥19.25 0.8-50mm ±0.01mm ≤500mm ±0.1mm
The electrode's electron impact resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, and the service life is significantly better than that of the electrode without deep densification. Bless's light source electrodes are widely used in special light sources such as ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, ultra-high pressure xenon lamps, laser xenon lamps, digital cinema projection lamps, and searchlights.
Precision processing of tungsten and molybdenum electrodes:
Our company can process tungsten and molybdenum electrodes for various grades of special light sources according to the customer's drawings. With the company's processing advantages, the highest precision control of 0.005 mm, and our more than 15 years of experience in the refractory metal industry, we provide customers with precision-processed tungsten and molybdenum electrodes for lamps. Our electrodes are widely used in special lighting applications. Custom and standard electrodes can be produced and processed. 
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