Tungsten Concentrate Price Unexpected Goes Up

Author: yisainuo   Time: 2016/08/10


Since the price of tungsten concentrate and ammonium paratungstate hit the bottom of 60,000RMB/ton, it stoped falling and went up slightly last week. The change in market is faster than expected, for most enterprises thought the market will turn better at the end of August. During the slack season, the market operation reduces. However, working capital on the market starts to flow, some enterprises also start positive operation.


Tungsten concentrate and APT price goes up 1,000RMB/ton. The inquiry of tungsten concentrate market is getting active. Companies in Hunan and Jiangxi collecting concentrate actively which results in the scarcity of product in the market.

Most enterprises are desired that the price of tungsten concentrate would stay stable as long as it can cover the manufacturing cost. When tungsten concentrate price slumps for 19,000.00RMB/ton within a month, it forecast the rebound of the price. Although this may be inconformity of nowadays marketing rhythm, but tungsten concentrate enterprises keep unsold attitude with the decrease of price. Plus entry of marketing trade fund, price of tungsten concentrate goes up is reasonable.


Nowadays the prompt goods is rare in the market, tungsten mine and trade hold seldom spot goods, manufacturers are difficult to purchase tungsten concentrate.


The rising in price of tungsten products in unavoidable, some enterprises as if weakening from the dream starts to looking for stock goods. But it is really difficult to purchase tungsten concentrate. Some manufacturer even stops to quote under the big change of market. They are afraid of lacking raw material.


The flowing of tungsten market goes against manufacturer operation. But after going through several fluctuation of up and down, manufacturers gradually realize the trading skills and importance of replenishment and clearing of stock. Profit remains only a few after it is pressed by the flowing of price.


If the market is changing, then enterprises should follow the step and even faster, or someday it will result in the big loss of company.

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