Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth


Tungsten iridium stream mouth is heat-resisting, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, has the low expansibility and the size stability under the high temperature. Tungsten melting point is highest when all metals (reaches as high as 3380 degrees Celsius), the steam tension to be lowest, the tensile strength is highest (1650 C), and its antiseptic property is good, the majority inorganic acid are very small to its corrosion. Therefore it is ideal to manufacture heavy alloy. Tungsten irdium stream mouth is abrasion resistance,with high degree of hardness, the intensity, the heatproof quality obtained the further promotion, thus has guaranteed the product uniformity well.


Our company is specialized in manufacturing tungsten iridium stream mouth, which is a special tungsten heavy alloy with different refractory metals. Many clients from these fields, contact for their product requirements. Our company has the capacity and capability to provide tungsten iridium stream mouth in any quantity. The product is appreciated for its hardness, intensity, heat resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, size stability under high temperature, low expensibility and uniformity. We can manufacture these products In different sizes and density.


 The application of this product, include:

· Quartz glass smelting

· Rare-earth metal smelting

· Induction furnace heating element

· Glass industry

· Ceramic industry, etc.



· Easy to install

· Corrosion resistance

· High strength

· Ability to resist high temperature


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