Molybdenum Heat Shield


As a experienced molybdenum vacuum furnace manufacturer, Bless provides top grade furnace's heating element, such as molybdenum heat shields, heater, components and assemblies manufactured to customer specifications. Our sheet material is of the highest quality to ensure the expected performance within your furnace application. 


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We can manufacuter the molybdneum heating shield materials  with the most common file formats including:


  • - AutoCad
  • - SolidWorks
  • - Pro E
  • - IGES

  • - PDF


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Molybdenum heat shield has the following characteristics: linear thermal expansion coefficient is small, easy processing, low thermal conductivity, small specific heat.


Due to the reflective properties of the molybdenum heat shield, the thermal radiation re-reflection to the workpiece at the center of the thermal field issued from the central area of the thermal field. The all-metal thermal field are often applicable to the use of the environment of high vacuum and cleanliness requirements.






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